We also demonstrate our commitment to the quality of our products as a result of our management system as gem casting, plastic injection, machining, polishing and coating processes.

For this; we commit ourselves to comply with the ISO 14001 standard, customer specific requirements, all legal regulations and other conditions related to our products and production, by continuously researching and developing, utilizing the knowledge in our own organization, using the information resources of science and using environment related documents.

As the main principles of our environmental policies;

In our casting, injection and processing processes, we make choices that prevent and reduce the consumption of natural resources,

Do not choose reuse and / or recovery methods for raw materials and auxiliary raw materials,

Providing energy efficiency in our processes,

To prevent pollution as far as possible in the source, to minimize the wastes given to the air, water and soil or to make these wastes as harmless as possible,

To educate our employees about the environmental effects of casting, injection, machining, polishing and coating activities and to instill environmental awareness as a general life conscious,

To ensure the continuity of the environmental studies and to improve continuously,

We are committed to keeping our policy open to all our employees and customers.

Hasan Huseyin BÜYÜKUSTA

General manager